Wilfried Dsainbayonne

Born in 1993, lives and works in Lille, France.

Comprising a variety of mediums and a certain DIY logic, Wilfried Dsainbayonne's work plays with the conventions of utility and subverts the expected functions of objects. Both observer and actor, he proposes his own metrics of reality. The transformation of everyday tools leads to the displacement of internalized gestures, approaching other repertoires and contexts, but also rubbing up against the absurd - to the extent of endangering whoever manipulates them. These new choreographies suggest an alternative to a normalized condition, and build - like all our personal rituals - a specific and singular reality. Wilfried Dsainbayonne adjusts objects and gestures like a storyteller who, by drawing from his repertoire of experiences, unfolds a polyphonic narrative filled with situated knowledge.


11.04.23 – 09.05.23

100-Day Residency,
in Clermont-Ferrand