Open Call

09.01.23 – 28.02.23

Cross residency Reykjavík 2023

This open call is closed.
The results will be communicated mid-April 2023.

15.02.23 – 16.04.23

100-Day residency

Deadline: 16/04/2023 at 11.59pm (French time)

Residency period : 100 days between March 2024 and March 2025
Open to artists of all ages and nationalities

02.03.23 – 09.04.23

Residência de curadoria

Deadline : 9/04/23 às 23h59 (horário português)

Cidades : Porto e Clermont-Ferrand
Período de residência: junho 2023

07.03.23 – 05.04.23

Nomadic cross residency

In partnership with the network Arts en résidence
Deadline: 05.04.23 at 23h59 (French time)
Open to curators and art critics of all ages and nationalities

09.03.23 – 15.04.23

Cross residency Barcelona

Cross residency Barcelona
Deadline : 15/04/23 at 23h59 (spanish time)
Open to artists living and working in Catalonia


At A·R, residencies are considered as a time entirely dedicated to research and experimentation with no obligation to produce. Our goal is to provide artists with the necessary time for qualitative and in-depth research, to promote a true immersion in the residency context, and to allow for trial and error as well as critical questioning necessary for the development of artistic practices.

A·R’s residency programs are co-constructed with its partners and designed in line with the socio-economic realities of artists and the cultural sector.

A·R offers 2 types of residencies:

Intramural residencies

Hosting national and international artists in Clermont-Ferrand.

100-Day Residency

The 100-Day Residency program, created in 2020, aims to host artists and researchers in Clermont-Ferrand for a period of 100 days, without age or nationality restrictions. They are free to organize their residency during a year, either in short bursts or over 100 consecutive days. This flexibility in the organization of working time responds to the extremely varied socio-professional realities of artists, both nationally and internationally, and makes time for reflection, research and experimentation compatible with the artists’ professional and/or family-related obligations and constraints.

Curatorial Residency

Curatorial residencies are aimed at curators, researchers and / or art critics, without age or nationality restrictions. The objective is to promote research, encounters and discussions with the local art scene and enable fertile networking between the various stakeholders in contemporary art.

Guest Residency

Guests residencies consist of making the premises of Artistes en Résidence available to artists and / or partners, without financial participation from A·R. This program is usually undertaken with our local partners and reflects our strong desire to pool resources and tend to our ecosystems.

Co-creation residency

Artistes en résidence considers co-creation as the creation of forms by an artist in collaboration with the inhabitants of the territory. The term inhabitant is understood as any person who crosses or transforms the local territory, who resides, works, studies or has recreational activities there.
The possible types of collaboration involve the co-creators at different levels of responsibility: from consultation or collection of resources and narratives, to active participation and collaboration on the content or the form of the project, through light contributions framed by the artist.

Cross residencies

In collaboration with our international partners, this involves hosting an international artist in Clermont-Ferrand and organizing a French artist to be hosted at our partners’ spaces.

Porto Cross Residency

in partnership with Saco Azul and Maus Hábitos

Saco Azul - Cultural Association was founded in 2002. It sets up an artistic program that promotes research, experimentation, creation, innovation and critical thinking. Based in Maus Hábitos - Cultural Intervention Space, the association designs programming for this space but also beyond its walls, consolidating its project and network in the city, the country and internationally.
Maus Habitos is a cultural space located in the centre of Porto which defends all forms of contemporary creation. Open for twelve years, Maus Habitos provides the means necessary for artist residencies (visual artists, musicians, videographers) and tools for the public recognition of their work: concerts, screenings, lectures, round tables and any other form of encounter.
The Porto cross residency offers a one-month residency for an artist from Porto in Clermont-Ferrand as well as a one-month residency for an artist from Clermont-Ferrand in Porto. The artists are invited to meet during their respective residencies with the aim of jointly preparing an end-of-residency exhibition.

Reykjavík Cross Residency

in partnership with Nýló – The Living Art Museum, SÍM, the French Embassy and the Alliance Française de Reykjavík.

The Alliance Française works to support and disseminate French culture around the world, by offering French courses and organizing cultural events. Together with the French Embassy in Iceland, the Alliance Française in Reykjavík decided to set up a residency exchange between France and Iceland in order to support cultural exchanges and collaborations between the two countries. They teamed up for the occasion with Nýló – The Living Art Museum, a non-profit organization and museum run by and for artists. Founded in 1978 in reaction to the Icelandic art authorities’ disregard for contemporary artistic practices, Nýló – The Living Art Museum hosts events, exhibitions, performances, discussions and research. It is an important forum in the Icelandic art community to present, reflect and debate on the role of contemporary art. Studispace and accommodation are offered with the support of SÍM, the association of visual artists from Iceland. Founded in 1982, SÍM has 760 members, manages over 200 studios and is committed to the defence of artists’ rights.
The Reykjavík cross residency offers a six-week residency for an Icelandic artist in Clermont-Ferrand and a six-week residency for an artist living and working in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in Reykjavík.


During their residency, the artists enjoy financial assistance, curatorial and technical support, accommodation and a workspace. Depending on the project and the needs of the artists, A·R and / or its partners set up meetings with art professionals, researchers, non-profit organizations, local artisans or any other person who can contribute to the development of the residents’ research and practice.

The studio

The studio is a large 150 m2 space, which can be adjusted owing to its modular walls. It is located at La Diode, a multidisciplinary cultural centre, which A·R shares with Les Ateliers, the Pôle Chorégraphique La Diode, the Auvergne Regional Choir, Maison des jeux and Videoformes. A·R and Les Ateliers share an exhibition space, which allows artists to test hangings, take pictures, and organize public events to share their research.

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Provided by the Clermont-Ferrand City Council and located close to the city centre, the 100 m2 apartment comprises three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom, and has access to a 200 m2 garden. It is the place where residents live, and is also a hub of encounters between contemporary art professionals, since A·R makes vacant rooms in the apartment available to its local partners with a view to pooling resources.

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