Robert Carter

Born in 1987 in England, lives and works in Norway.

Robert Carter has a writing practice that takes the form of video essays and live readings. His texts unravel the facts and rituals of a sometimes trivial daily life, to which he tries to inject meaning through subtle associations of ideas. Banality and intimacy turn out to be deeply political, our internalised habits imprinted with cultural facts and learnings that we question only too little. “Irony is to the English what self-reliance is to the Americans, or what linguistic cultivation is to the French,” he asserts quoting another writer - Rebecca Mead, questioning the thin border between national values and mythologies. Tinted with humour and melancholy, Robert Carter's gaze on his environment is emphatic, sometimes acerbic, but always humble and touching.


09.03.22 – 07.06.22

100-Day Residency,
in Clermont-Ferrand