Andreia Santana

Born in 1991, lives and works between Lisbon and New-York.


05.01.21 – 31.01.21

Intramural residency,
in Clermont-Ferrand
in partnership with In extenso

In January 2021, Artistes en Résidence hosts, in partnership with In extenso, Portuguese artist Andreia Santana for a research residency for her project Tools for Living.

Tools for Living is an interdisciplinary research project that explores the relationship between archaeology and art history. These two disciplines are the main means of understanding the production or discovery of material culture and its impact on contemporary society and future generations.

The artist will use the city of Clermont-Ferrand and its archaeological and historical heritage as a framework for the development of her research. For the exhibition at In extenso, Andreia Santana will produce a new body of sculptures that resemble human body parts, archaeological artifacts or tools used in archaeological excavations. The new productions will mainly focus on the representation of human labour in the artefacts kept in the collections of the Musée Bargoin.

Andreia Santana intends to reflect on contemporary creation as a field of resistance to disciplinary fragmentation and promotes contamination and permeabilization with other disciplines.

Tools for Living receives financial support from the Gulbenkian Foundation.


30.09.21 – 11.12.21

in Clermont-Ferrand
in partnership with In extenso

water stains

In extenso is delighted to present "water stains", the first solo exhibition in France by the Portuguese artist Andreia Santana (Lisbon, 1991). The exhibition title refers to the residual forms of water, symbol of life par excellence, left behind on the surface of which it flows and stagnates.

Through her new sculptures, the artist materializes this process, creating transparent glass objects inspired by the forms of ex-votos found in the collections of museums and archaeological sites and by waterlogging – a naturally occurring phenomenon whereby archaeological artifacts are preserved by the anaerobic environment of a flooded site. Andreia Santana explores the use of these artifacts and their associated ritual practices and conservative techniques by formulating a personal narrative that links the real and the supernatural, permeated by desires and sexual impulses.

This series of glass sculptures, outlined by different metal structures, presents an aggregate of contemporary meta-objects that are deployed in space like spectral presences, placing affections and materiality at the center of the social, the biological, and the political.
Through a holistic approach, Santana's installation calls for interdependence between objects, bodies, and spiritual entities, enhancing its dermatological reading and reinforcing a co-dependent relation between living beings (human, non-human, post-human).

In “water stains”, visitors are invited to reflect on the contemporary forces that allow intersectional forms of cooperation to arise along with the contamination of time and space, revealing the nature of matter and objects as possibilities for creating alternative narratives that reassert history as a fluid, non-normative construction.

Andreia Santana (Lisbon, 1991) lives and works between Lisbon and New York. She holds a degree from ESAD - Caldas da Rainha. Santana participated in the independent study program at the Maumaus School in Lisbon and is currently attending the master's program in “studio art” at Hunter College in New York. Her recent international exhibitions include: "The Skull of the Haunted Snail", Hangar (Lisbon); "Hollow Hands", Generali Milano (Milan); "António Cachola Collection", Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Elvas (Elvas); "The Outcast Manufacturers", Filomena Soares Gallery (Lisbon); "10000 Years Between Venus and Mars", Porto Municipal Gallery (Porto); "Cultivated Memory", Peninsula Art Space (New York); "Leaves of Absence", Serralves Contemporary Art Museum (Porto); "Vanishing Point", Cordoaria Nacional (Lisbon); "Ghost of Chance", La Nave (Madrid). Andreia Santana is represented by the Filomena Soares Gallery in Lisbon.

The realization of this exhibition has been possible thanks to the generous support of the Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian – Délégation en France, the República Portuguesa - Ministério da Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes, the Lycée Jean Monnet and Artistes en résidence.


07.07.23, 18:00

Intramural residency,
in Paris
in partnership with In extenso, Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian Paris

Le centre d'art In extenso (Clermont-Ferrand), lauréate de la 1ère édition du programme Expositions GULBENKIAN, a été soutenue par la Fondation Gulbenkian pour l’exposition “Water stains” d’Andreia Santana qui s’est tenue du 30 septembre au 10 décembre 2021.

À l’occasion de la parution de Water stains, la Bibliothèque Gulbenkian est heureuse d’accueillir Andreia Santana pour la présentation du catalogue qui documente l’exposition ainsi que le processus de production de l’artiste. Cette présentation est organisée en partenariat avec In extenso et Artistes en résidence.