João Pedro Trindade

Born in 1990, lives and works in Porto, Portugal

João Pedro Trindade has a particular way of looking at objects. Attracted by seemingly innocuous shapes and patterns, he literally scrutinizes every nook, every roughness and every texture to reveal their qualities. He then hugs the forms and counterforms with different materials, which sometimes resemble packaging, sometimes second skins, but whose material inevitably refers to the world of consumption. If we consider that the skin is a communicating organ between the inside and the outside of our body, then João Pedro Trindade's skin-envelopes are surfaces of visual communication. They evoke the objects they come from while transforming them into images of themselves, questioning our universe of appearance and representation.


03.06.21 – 03.07.21

Porto Cross Residency,
in Clermont-Ferrand
in partnership with Maus Hábitos and Saco Azul

This cross residency is made in partnership with the association Saco Azul and Maus Hábitos.


06.08.21, 15:00

Porto Cross Residency,
in Porto
in partnership with Maus Hábitos and Saco Azul