Hélène Hulak

Born in 1990, lives et works in Lyon.

Hélène Hulak's practice appears like a cry. A war cry, a cry of rage, a cry of joy too. In her abundant production of paintings, collages, installations and performances, garish colors cut out bodies, aquarelle stains transform into eyes and cheeks, flashy textiles become nails and teeth. Silhouettes without consistency, from flabby and perfectly virtual media imagery, prepare themselves to counterattack. They bare their claws and threaten to tear the flat surfaces to burst out from them. Their piercing gaze turns against the viewers; they become gorgons which return to sender the monstrous, two-dimensional image that the patriarchy has forged of them. By playing with the codes of a sexist visual communication, Hélène Hulak hands back their weapons to the feminine representations with joy and a creaking humor.



15.08.21 – 30.09.21

Reykjavík Cross Residency,
in Reykjavík
in partnership with Nýló, Ambassade de France in Iceland, Alliance Française of Reykjavík and SÍM residency.