Club Superette

Born in 1989 and 1990, live and work in Marseille, France.

The phantasmagorical shapes and aesthetics that the Club creates and convokes always offer an experience on a human scale. They are neither monumental nor tiny and can be apprehended by the mind as much as by the body. The objects can be common – a log, a bicycle – and the gestures executed can be easily reproduced. The action of scanning a drawing may seem obsolete, except that they reproduce it endlessly, becoming addicted to what they have transformed into a machine to paint, paste, or photograph. Despite all this, the mystery continues. It always evades us a little bit.

Text : Carine Klonowski


01.03.19 – 30.04.19

Intramural residency,
in Clermont-Ferrand
in partnership with Artiste en résidence