intramural residency

Nat Bloch Gregersen (Denmark)

11/10 > 3/12/21

Artistes en résidence, Clermont-Ferrand

Born in 1986 in Denmark, lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.


The dictionary defines matter as a substance that makes up any body with tangible reality. Nat Bloch

Gregersen explores in her installations the liminal states of this reality by playing with the subtle

boundaries between material and immaterial, visible and invisible. Matter emancipates from objects to

diffuse into space in the form of light emanations, sound waves, vibrating particles. In what appear to be

stationary sculptures, everything suddenly turns out to be in constant motion, mutation and transformation.

The full and the empty, the solid, the fluid and the gaseous engage in a dance in which limits are blurred,

generating a sensory and affective experience of materialities.


Nat Bloch Gregersen won the Artistes en résidence / In extenso prize in 2019 at the Biennale Jeune

Création Européenne of the City of Montrouge. Her residency at Artistes en résidence will result in a solo

show at In extenso in 2022.